Ms Michelle Esparon

BSc (Bio-Med); DipAud; MClinAud; MAudSA (CCP)

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Email address:

Phone number: (03) 9708 1200

Specific details: No children under 4

AddHEARING Hearing Services

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then ears are the doors to the mind. The ear captures sound and helps you recall that sound throughout your life. 
The ear helps the body respond emotionally, according to the sound heard, like emotions of love on hearing the sound of a loved one, emotions of fear on hearing a threat! From the sweet chirping of the birds to the irritating sounds of crickets, the loud bang of crackers and the beautiful symphony of an orchestra, all these different sounds and many other sounds are possible to hear due to our ears. 
Did you know that hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults?When left untreated it can significantly impact your quality of life. This is where an Audiologist can help. Michelle Esparon from AddHEARING has a Masters degree in Clinical Audiology and is trained to diagnose and treat individuals with hearing impairments. 
AddHEARING aims to add good hearing back into the lives of people with hearing loss so that they are better able to function more efficiently in their daily life activities. 

Services provided:

  • Full Hearing assessments (for adults and children over the age of 4)

  • Fitting of Hearing Aids and other Communication devices

  • Optimising previously fitted hearing devices and educating clients on the use of hearing aids

  • Rehabilitation to help adjust to hearing amplified sounds through the hearing aid.

  • Hearing preservation e.g. - fitting of ear moulds to protect the ears from loud noise, music and water

I want to thank you for checking my hearing and re-programming my hearing aids. I am much more comfortable with the results they deliver now – it is almost as if they had previously been programmed in reverse - left versus right. At home, where the sound is “contained” and familiar I am tempted to turn them down one notch but I will give myself time to adjust before deciding on that. Otherwise, at large, I tend to forget that I am wearing them. Quality of life is much improved and I am really grateful for your expertise. - Doug W


Flex:trial is an open platform technology demonstration device that can be easily programmed to different levels, over and over again.

With Flex:trial you can take them home to try before making a decision.

If you feel you are experiencing difficulty hearing, speak to Michelle or your Doctor.